Insurance companies need to improve image

news: Insurance companies need to improve image

INSURANCE COMPANIES must change the way they are perceived by the public and clean up their poor image. This was the frank message of Tony Allen, a leading light in the Lusitania Insurance Company, who addressed members of the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) and the Royal British Club (RBC) at a recent meeting.

Tony Allen said insurance companies were, sadly, the kind of companies “people love to hate. It’s not just the problem of pensions, but also the small print in policies and premiums that go up every year,” he said. “Sadly, in my view, the industry does not do a good enough job of improving its customer relations and changing the public’s perception of insurance companies,” he added.

But he pointed out that Lusitania wants to “take the initiative” and supporting events such as those organised by the BPCC is a good start to improving relations between Britain and Portugal. “As many of you who deal with Lusitania on a regular basis know, the company puts a lot of commitment into ensuring that it deals with people in a fair, honest and correct manner,” he stressed, and added that “absolute integrity” was important for the company and “nothing but the best” should be acceptable.