Inspiring students to reach their full potential

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Aljezur International School offers international secondary education for students aged 10 to 18, leading to Cambridge IGCSE and A level qualifications. It is situated in an idyllic farmhouse 5km south of Aljezur and located within three-and-a-half hectares of unspoilt national park. With a meandering river running through the land and a healthy, ever-growing vegetable garden and food forest, the students have plenty of opportunities to learn outside.

The school’s mission is to guide and inspire students to reach their full potential, academically and socially, in an atmosphere of willing cooperation, mutual respect and trust. As class sizes are small and there are close connections with family and the local community, tutors have the privilege of knowing and understanding who their students are as well as their strengths, passions and goals. Their objective is then to provide their students with the social confidence and academic qualifications they need to achieve these goals. The excellent exam results their students achieve every year bear testament to the success of this philosophy.

Lessons take place in English and the broad curriculum includes a wide array of languages, sciences and humanities as well as weekly mindfulness classes and agriculture lessons.

A core value of the school is that of inclusion, which is demonstrated in the broadest sense. By providing affordable education, the school ensures economic inclusion and the student population of 72 children includes 24 nationalities.

The school supports many local and international charities including Alwan Kindergarten in Syria, From Kibera With Love education project in Kenya and local animal charity AEZA, and students frequently interact with representatives of these organisations. Tutors and students regularly raise money for these causes and recent events have included sponsored walks and musical performances.

The school also produces an annual outdoor theatre performance, “Play in the Parque”, which has become a popular highlight of the Algarve calendar and involves a cast of over 70 people including students, teachers, parents and members of the local community.

Since 2015, Aljezur International has been a member of UNESCO and this provides the opportunity to link with other UNESCO schools around the world for joint projects.

Aljezur International is the only school in the Algarve which accepts external candidates for University of Cambridge exams.

More information can be obtained from the Examinations Officer, Ali Turner at