Insiders’ guide to Algarve presented in Tavira

Insiders’ guide to Algarve presented in Tavira

German author Catrin George Ponciano will be presenting her book ‘111 Places Along the Algarve That You Shouldn’t Miss’ at Tavira’s Casa Álvaro de Campos on Saturday, December 14. The event will begin at 5pm.

The book is a must-read for visitors and locals of the Algarve, as it provides a unique look at a region that holds many secrets that even some of its longest residents do not know about. It also takes its readers “off the beaten path”.

By reading the book, “you’ll learn why the lucky symbol of the Templars was banned by the Inquisition, how the Black Madonna came to Raposeira, and whether or not Ulysses actually visited Faro”.

Each of the 111 places mentioned in the guide is described in detail and is illustrated by a photo.

There is also a comprehensive map of the Algarve pinpointing all of the locations included in the book, which is available in English and sold on several online platforms as well as Fnac in Portugal.

Admission is free. To book your seat, contact Catrin.

+351 969 052 712