Innovative property marketing solutions

Established in August, Algarve Villa Marketing offers a range of proven marketing products for developers, real estate agents and private vendors.

Algarve Villa Marketing has developed a range of products that they have tried and tested over the last eighteen months.

Touchelle Smyth, Sales Director in Portugal, told the Algarve Resident: “It is very important to understand the difference between the role of Algarve Villa Marketing as opposed to the services offered by a real estate agent.

“Our expertise is in marketing, using a variety of pro-active strategies that put a property that is for sale in front of people that might want to buy it. Traditionally, real estate agents employ passive marketing tactics which include the display of a property in a shop window and a listing of a property on their website,” she added.

She referred to the fact the problem of these methods is that the agent is reliant upon a buyer stumbling upon the details of the property that is for sale.

“Using dedicated database marketing, dynamic internet marketing techniques and other methods, we physically put that property in front of an audience of potential buyers.”

Algarve Villa Marketing is building a group of affiliate real estate agents who will be promoting their products and listing their vendor’s properties on their own websites.

Touchelle Smyth added: “Selling property in the Algarve now requires innovative, sustained marketing techniques incorporating global internet exposure and in order for a property to be sold, first it has to be seen to be for sale.”

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