Innovative plastic surgery available in the Algarve

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Mammoplasty with 3D simulation – Rhinoplasty – Bodysculpting

The Algarve is currently one of the most attractive tourism destinations in Europe. As a plastic surgeon and considering the experience I have had in recent years at Clínica Particular da Guia, Clínica Particular de Vilamoura and at Hospital Particular do Algarve (Alvor and Gambelas) where I perform both consultations and surgeries, this fantastic region is also increasingly a reference in health tourism.

Patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Northern Europe and from Portugal seek the best conditions to undergo plastic surgery and postoperative recovery, by combining quality accommodation with highly specialised healthcare services provided by teams of highly trained professionals.

Three procedures have become popular with patients who choose the Algarve to undergo plastic surgery – Mammoplasty with 3D Simulation, Rhinoplasty and Bodysculpting.

These procedures are available thanks to the UP HPA partnership between Grupo HPA Saúde and UP Clinic, a plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic present in Lisbon, Porto, Azores, and the Algarve, where I develop my practice. The first, Mammoplasty, is a surgery aimed at increasing or reducing the breast, depending on the patient’s clinical and aesthetic needs.

With the evolution of aesthetic medicine, technological solutions that allow the patient to see the results before surgery are now available at Clínica Particular da Guia, Clínica Particular de Vilamoura as well as Hospital Particular do Algarve – Alvor and Gambelas health units.

During my consultations, I can perform the so called pre-surgical body simulation. The “3D Simulation” is a technique used to show the patient the transformation she will undergo, thus managing her expectations more realistically.

Another surgery which I perform often in the Algarve and which has seen high demand is Rhinoplasty. It can be performed at the above mentioned health units as an outpatient procedure or with a one-day hospitalisation as it is practically painless, with only a sensation of discomfort.

In this type of surgery, patients need to adjust their resting position, particularly in the first days, where it is recommended that they sleep with their head elevated, at a certain angle of inclination, to contribute to better breathing thus reducing swelling.

Lastly, Bodysculpting is also in high demand in the Algarve. This surgery allows the patient to achieve a perceived athletic shape through body contouring, providing a natural, more defined, and toned appearance.

This surgery allows for greater contouring of the abdominal area, sculpting and shaping the body.

Based on patient feedback, this is a technique that has fantastic results in terms of self-esteem, helping to build self-confidence by making the patient feel more comfortable and satisfied with their body.

I would say that these are the three surgeries I perform the most when I travel to the Algarve.

Augmentation and reduction mammoplasty has seen significant evolution with the innovative 3D simulation technique, where the patient can see the results of the intended surgery, always given the assurance of the quality and durability of the breast implants used.

Rhinoplasty, from an aesthetic point of view, aims to improve the facial features, but it also has a significant impact on the patient’s overall health and wellbeing through the correction of the nasal septum and improvement of the respiratory capacity.

Finally, with Bodysculpting, thanks to the development of science and technology, it is possible to provide a surgery aimed at improving the physical appearance, particularly the abdominal area.

Interestingly, I have observed that surgical Bodysculpting is increasingly sought after not only by women but also by men who want to improve their abdominal contour.

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