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Inland tourism investments

SPANISH INVESTORS plan to inject 330 million euros into the construction of a large tourist development along the Guadiana River in Alcoutim.

The project will feature a four or five star hotel, 1,800 apartments and houses, and an 18-hole golf course.

Also being considered is the construction of a stables, large enough for more than 60 horses, in order to turn it into an international training centre. This could attract even more people to the area.

If the development goes ahead, it could create hundreds of jobs. Alcoutim Câmara President Francisco Amaral said: “if this project comes to fruition, I have no doubt that it will invert the population migration trends in the area.”

Alcoutim has lost two thirds of its population over the last 40 years and is considered one of the poorest regions in Europe, with little more than 3,500 inhabitants.

One of the main reasons for this is that there has been a lack of jobs but Mr Amaral is hopeful that this project will reverse this migration effect.

The resort is being considered as a project of potential national interest (PIN), which, if accepted, will simplify the licensing process and bureaucracy.

The company responsible for the project is Portelas do Guadiana, headed by César Sales, who said that they have been asked to conduct studies and submit the results to an evaluation board for the council.

If the project is approved, Portelas do Guadiana will be obliged to invest in water, drainage, lighting and road infrastructures.

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