Initiatives underway to “reinforce tourist confidence in Portugal”

Two new initiatives have been put in place to ‘reinforce tourist confidence in Portugal as a destination’.

Brought in by Turismo de Portugal, they involve the ‘Protected Tourist’ kit and online platform designed to explain to visitors everything in place to help them understand and comply with national virus safety measures.

Explain reports, the ‘kit’ is a joint collaboration with ANA airports and the various regional agencies promoting tourism throughout the country and in the Azores.

It involves the distribution of 100% cotton biodegradable masks to tourists on their arrival in this country, along with a small pack of alcohol gel and advice on how to best stay ‘protected’ during the course of their stay. It also includes a special QR ‘code’ for access to the cleanandsafe online platform.

The platform meantime, as well as information on companies with the national ‘seal of approval’, will allow visitors to receive updates and information from Turismo de Portugal “to support the tourist in the context of the pandemic”.

A communiqué from Turismo de Portugal adds that “the possibility of including a PLC (digital passenger locator card) is also being studied” for the site in articulation with the ministry of health, DGS health authority and ANAC (civil aviation authority).

“For this passengers will just have to fill out an online form with their personal information and flight number, allowing themselves to be contacted if necessary”.

The general idea is to “complement other actions launched by Turismo de Portugal to reinforce the positioning of Portugal as a safe and prepared destination”, adds the announcement, referring to the existence already of the Portugal Health Passport (allowing international tourists to take Covid-19 tests at various hospitals), and the Covid-devised Portugal Travel Insurance, giving travellers peace of mind (click here).

In spite of the ‘total confusion’ felt by particularly British tourists as their island’s travel advice appears to change by the day, Turismo de Portugal is working hard to “project the country internationally and incentive the return of tourism”.

Teams to this effect are working in 26 strategic markets, says the announcement, ‘intensifying work with airline companies, tour operators, the press and final consumer’.

Bottom line: “The actions developed position Portugal as a touristic destination of excellence, one of the benchmarks of the ‘Tourism Strategy 2027”.

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