Infralobo’s “right to reply” 2

Dear Editor,

I have read with interest Infralobo’s “right to reply” to various articles published in which they state the articles are in general untrue. I disagree with this as every comment I have made in the various articles have been based on the facts before me.

The way Infralobo ‘legally’ informed us that they were going to be responsible for our development was to send a circular letter which clearly stated ‘you sign our contract or your water supply will be cut’.

It should be noted that Infralobo was appointed by Loulé Câmara to be responsible for Vale do Garrão without any prior discussions, just a circular letter delivered at the same time as Infralobo’s threat.

I refute that the water supply we were receiving prior to Infralobo’s takeover was a public health risk as I and my family have visited or lived in our villa since 1993 and not once have we had cause to question the quality of the water being supplied.

The statement by Infralobo that they have only cut customers’ water supply for the reasons of improper and unprompt payments is totally untrue. All residents involved in this dispute have paid in full all charges for the supply of water and sanitation.

The only amounts unpaid cover the so-called “bed tax” which has no relevance whatsoever to the supply of water or sanitation and, therefore, should not appear on the monthly water and sanitation invoices.

I am in receipt of an email from ERSAR (the regulator) dated November 6, 2015 that clearly states that water supply should not be cut for non-related amounts unpaid even if they should appear on the monthly water and sanitation invoices.

Infralobo took over the responsibility of Vale do Garrão in May 2014 and my water metres have been available without hindrance from that date until the end of October 2015. On November 4, 2015 I placed a car in front of the water metres to stop Infralobo from cutting my water supply.

I confirm yet again that every month Infralobo’s bill for water and sanitation was paid in full and on time. The only amounts unpaid were for the so-called “bed tax”. Since the end of October, I have correctly read my water metres and declared the usage online to Infralobo in order that they can charge me accordingly.

They have chosen to ignore my readings and although I have calculated myself the amounts due and paid by cheque, each month Infralobo have declined to cash the cheques.

Infralobo were not to be beaten as they eventually, with the assistance of the GNR and a €60 fine to me, made me remove my car from the metres and within 12 hours cut my water supply which is totally against human rights.

With regards to Infralobo’s comment that they have shown their openness and readiness to resolve this situation, it is nonsense. The only correspondence I have received from them have been threats.

Infralobo have now terminated our water supply from the mains connection in the road which, of course, is in line with their efforts to ensure that public health is not in danger…

Tony Cooke
By email