Infralobo water wars

Dear Editor,

The article on Infralobo in last week’s Resident was excellent and informative. Unfortunately until there is mass protest from most property owners in all the resorts including Vale do Lobo, rather than just a few brave souls having their water cut off, there will be no progress in righting the wrong of extortionate water charges and illegal taxes.

Many are “interested” in a favourable result but unwilling to part with the funds needed to help pursue a case – or to get involved personally.

Some adverse overseas publicity may be the answer to hit Vale do Lobo in their pocket and persuade them to influence Infralobo (in which they have a 49% stake!) to abide by the decision of ERSAR.

In hindsight, I also wish I had bought away from a rip off resort. Many owners in Vale do Garrão and nearby developments bought there precisely because they did not want to be under the jurisdiction of Infralobo.

It would also be good to have an update on the corruption charge against the CEO of Vale do Lobo.

He called a public meeting to explain himself but cleverly steered the attention towards answering questions on personal gripes, while dismissing the allegations as pure “gossip”. It was a waste of time …