Informal tasting at The WareHouse during October

WINEMINE’S POPULAR daily wine tasting is continuing throughout October. Each week will be themed on a different grape variety. These events present a great opportunity to visitors to taste and discuss wines with a member of the WineMine team. Why not join us and bring any house guests and interested friends with you? 


Every week a SPECIAL OFFER on one of the tasting wines

Monday, October 16 – Friday, October 20, 11am – 12.30pm:

Antão Vaz and Trincadeira

The Antão Vaz grape is very popular in quality white wines made in the Alentejo. Our selection ranges from the blended Vinha Velha (on a three for two offer) to the very attractive Fonte Mouro Colheita Seleccionada with the taste of dried fruits and vanilla.

The red grape Trincadeira has become one of the most widely planted in Portugal. The wines are deep coloured, fruity and spicy in character with good tannins. Try our Grand’ Arte 100 per cent Trincadeira, or the blended Dignitas, both excellent with roast dinners. 

Monday, October 23 – Friday, October 27, 11am –12.30pm:

Malvasia Fina and Tinta Roriz

The Malvasia Fina is one of the oldest white wine grape varieties. This grape features in the 2005 Mural from the Douro, which is quite a fruity and pleasant wine.  

Called the Tempranillo in Spain, Aragonês in the Alentejo, the Tinta Roriz is a must-have in most Portuguese blended wines. We have many examples of this fine grape in blends such as Pinga do Torto from the Douro to the Status from Dão. You will not be disappointed by any of them.

Wines for the recipes


Salmon with Stir Fried Vegetables

Salmon is a fairly rich fish and calls for a white wine with some depth to it. WineMine carries an excellent, full flavoured, but well balanced Chardonnay from South Africa from the well regarded house of Douglas Green. Available at 6.61 euros, this Douglas Green Chardonnay will go very well with this dish.

Christmas Cake

The Christmas Cake, full of sugar, eggs, currants and cholesterol in general, needs a wine that is sweet, powerful, aromatic and caramelly. Just the job would be a Madeira. Aged in the warmth of the Island of Madeira sunshine, this unique wine is rich and luscious, but balanced with pleasant acidity. Try one from the sweeter end, a Malmsey. WineMine has Blandy’s award-winning, five-year-old Malmsey at 12.78 euros a bottle.

Key Lime Pie

It depends somewhat on how sharp you intend to make the lemon flavour in this pud. In general, the sharper the lemon the sweeter the wine. Try it with a good Moscatel from the Douro region. WineMine has a very good one from the highly regarded house of Portal. There is a very good value one at 4.22 euros or, if you feel like splashing out a bit, a 1996 Reserva at just 12.83 euros. These are fortified wines coming in at 17 or 18 degrees, so bear that in mind! 

All these wines can be purchased from WineMine at The Warehouse in Silves between 9.30am and 1pm. For further information about the wines featured, call 282 441 036 from Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 1pm. Join their Wine Club in October and receive a welcome gift of six bottles of wine worth 35 euros.