Alto Minho may start rationing water this month
What does spring to mind when watching the video clip is how much time influencer mothers seem to have to talk to their followers

Influencer in hot water, for ‘torturing’ child with cold water treatment

A social media influencer has found herself in hot water in Portugal following advice to followers on how to stop a toddler’s tantrums. Joana Mascarenhas’ solution, whatever hour of day or night, is to immerse the child in cold water. The colder the better, apparently. Up to the tot’s neck, “so that no-one has to take the screams of a child is is only measuring d**ks”, she insists. Followed by 7,309 people, and self-described as a ‘desperate housewife’, Ms Mascarenhas sought to drive her message home with a video which has since been deleted (along with the rest of her Instagram account). Not in time, however, for public prosecutors to become aware of the ‘wave of outrage’ sweeping social media, and open an ‘inquiry’…. A psychologist approached for comment has told Correio da Manhã that the cold water immersions amount to a form of torture.