Infarmed warns of “counterfeit Durex”

Not specific as to whether they work or not, Infarmed – the authority that regulates medicines in Portugal – has sent out an alert over counterfeit condoms, purportedly manufactured by Durex.

The suspect condoms have already been found on sale in Poland, but as they are brands popular in Portugal, Infarmed is taking no chances.

The boxes bear the names Durex Extra Seguro and Durex Dame Placer, these are the Portuguese translations for Durex Extra Safe and Durex Pleasuremax.

Buyers are advised that they cannot rely on either make being extra safe or placing “dames” in anything other than a quandary.

As the warning circular suggests, “given that there is free circulation of products in the European economic space, Infarmed recommends that whoever possesses this kind of medical device should be aware of current information”.