INFARMED and Portugal’s health authorities accused of hiding data on adverse reactions to Covid vaccines in children

INFARMED and Portugal’s health authorities accused of hiding data on adverse reactions to Covid vaccines in children 

Movement for children and teens files 36-page complaint at Attorney General’s Office

Just as health authorities admit to trying to encourage more children and young people to take up the offer of Covid vaccines, civic movement ‘pelas crianças e jovens na pandemia’ has dropped a bombshell.

Filing a 36-page complaint at the Attorney General’s Office, it has uncovered data which it says shows “serious safety failings in transparency of information, pharmacovigilance and regulation of medicines with regard to Covid-19 vaccines in children and young people in Portugal”.

The group highlights pharmacovigilance data sent from authorities in this country to the VAERS  (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) of the United States which, it claims, has been  “hidden at national level” but “which allows the detection of serious indications of problems with the vaccines in children” here.

Over 116 pages, the various incidents are given in full – including the teenage ‘faintings’ described in the early days of the vaccine roll-out, convulsions, temporary loss of vision, loss of motor function, deafness, mycocarditis, etc.

The six year old who died following vaccination in January appears in the list – on page 82 – the gravity of the reaction listed as “fatal”.

The symptoms suffered by the child are all listed in detail, including the information that “there is no suspicion of interaction with medication. There is no history of previous reactions to other medication or of allergies”.

Cause of death was listed as myocarditis; cardio-respiratory collapse. Both causes which the press was told at the time had nothing to do with the vaccine.

The pelas crianças e jovens na pandemia movement is made up of concerned parents, lay people as well as pediatric and medical specialists who have submitted this latest complaint to the Attorney General’s Office as a collective entity “so as not to see anyone hounded.”

They contend that by not fully reporting adverse reactions to the vaccine in this country, INFARMED and the health authorities have essentially “hidden” what in many cases are  “shockingly serious” situations.

“Apart from children, there are notifications of some cases of death in young adults due to myocarditis and anaphylactic shock”, says the latest statement posted on the group’s website.

The statement continues that use of these emergency vaccines (for a health ’emergency’ that does not in the main affect children) “should follow official recommendations”, but as far as can be ascertained, they are being administered to children “without medical prescription”. Should an adverse reaction take place, who would be responsible, the group asks?

Another question comes over informed consent. The group questions why parents are not being “duly informed… in respect of the genetic and experimental nature of these vaccines”; the “possible adverse reactions already known, and their frequency”; the “absence of studies of adverse reactions in the long-term”; “the absence of studies of effects in pregnancy, in breastfeeding, on the embryo and the fetus; on the immuno-compromised, on genotoxicity and in carcinogenicity”.

Thus the call to the Attorney General of the Republic “to investigate the factual truth, namely with the carrying out of diligences that include auditing INFARMED’s performance, uncovering detailed lists of adverse reactions in children and young people vaccinated for Covid-19” – and scrutinising contracts celebrated for the purchase of these vaccines.

Another request is for a proper audit of the monitoring of public health data – particularly when it comes to excess mortality “from the beginning of the vaccination campaign for Covid-19 to the present day, by vaccination status and age”. This is perhaps a wider question than one concerning only children and young people, but a definite elephant in the room.

The statement concludes that the complaint seeks to ‘include’ (meaning implicate) all parties (political and medical) that have been involved in the country’s vaccination campaign.

This is not a development that will be widely publicised, because of the taboos of questioning the ‘official narrative’, albeit these taboos are being painstakingly broken down in many countries.

The documents attached to the complaint filed with the Attorney General’s Office are all available for consultation on the movement’s website.

The full text of the complaint is available here

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