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Infant safety advice in Silves

AN INFANT safety seminar is being offered at the Museu Municipal de Arqueologia de Silves tomorrow (Saturday, December 9), aimed at helping parents to avoid child related accidents and keep their children safe.

Safety experts from the Associação para a Promoção da Segurança Infantil (APSI), the association for the promotion of infant safety, will be covering a range of themes related to the prevention of accidents involving babies in a variety of situations: while at home, feeding and bathing, in the car and the choice and use of toys, among other topics.

According to APSI, families often don’t have access to complete information about infant safety. It believes that parents often think they are doing all the right things, but could, in fact, be making mistakes, which can have serious consequences in terms of health and safety, namely at home and in the car and other locations where they spend time with their children.

For children aged up to four years, more than 75 per cent of accidents happen in the home, 73 per cent are falls and the head is the part of the body most affected in this age group (65 per cent of cases).

With regard to road accidents involving children, half the total number of deaths relate to children traveling in cars as passengers.

This two hour session runs from 2pm to 4pm and costs two euros. Places can be booked by calling the Divisão de Educção, Cultura, Turismo e Património at Silves Câmara on 282 440 800.

For further information about APSI visit