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By now we have all heard that the Algarve is Europe’s best kept secret! But do you know what the Mediterranean’s best kept secret is? The answer is simply Carob!

So many times forgotten, neglected and even diminished in the modern age, carob was once a rather important product in the Mediterranean area. So much so, that Romans started using its seeds (that grow inside the pod with the same shape, size and weight – approximately 200 mg) as a unit to measure precious stones, that is still used today – carats.

In 2015, an Algarve couple decided the world needed to be re-introduced to this rich and exotic fruit. Its essences, textures and sensations, are the reason behind the creation of Carob World.

In their products, the traditional flavours are blended with innovation, transforming this typical Algarve fruit into unique and unforgettable gourmet experiences.  Their carob bars are, at first glance, dark chocolate bars. But make no mistake, as soon as you put them in your mouth, an explosion of rich, luxurious flavours takes over your palate and gets you immersed in a truly memorable sensory experience. Their carob spreads are fit for a king. Smooth, soft and with a deep toasted flavour, there’s not enough bread in the world to satisfy one’s lust for more.

Ripened by time and warmth, the carob pods used to produce these products are carefully harvested and cleaned by hand. After being naturally dried, the pulp is painstakingly separated from the seeds, toasted and grounded to make these truly delicious temptations. No sugars are added and all products are gluten-free. The result is pure elegance and intense flavour – the Mediterranean region in a bar or jar.

Try it and enjoy!

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