Indulge your senses

news: Indulge your senses

AS YOU walk into Cinnamon in Lagos, the vibrant colours, the smell of burning incense and sounds of Asian music hits you right between the eyes, transporting you to the heart of India. The atmospheric Indian feelinvolves all of the senses, making your shopping spree far more than just a trip ‘down town’.

Cinnamon has undergone a few changes – it has now doubled in size! Due to the overwhelming demand for larger items of furniture, owner, Roxanne Parker, opened the new extension in January and it has proven to be a great investment.

The wooden furniture is exquisite and, hand-crafted in the traditional manner, every piece has its natural charm. With no machinery, stencils or templates being used in the creation of the pieces, and everything cut and painted by hand, you won’t find anything mass-produced at Cinnamon.

All items are traditionally designed, handmade and painted in India. Handicrafts are made in the Rajasthan region of the north, wooden furniture from Jodhpur and traditional Indian food from the more agricultural region of the south.

However, Roxanne has still managed to create a contemporary feel to her shop: “In today’s society, few have time to dust intricate ornaments and furniture,” Roxanne remarked. “The goods I sell are designed to fit into that lifestyle” and they also add a touch of colour to brighten up any home.

From starting off just selling handicrafts, Cinnamon has expanded with each of Roxanne’s visits to India. “I try to bring back a new range or product with me each time I go,” she said. Cinnamon has a whole host of goods ranging from carpets, clothes, handbags and stationary to wooden furniture, carvings, paintings, mirrors, clocks and matching photo frames – the list is endless.

Roxanne can also order customised goods and has been able to alter designs, shapes and colours of goods in order to meet the demands of her clients.

Cinnamon also boasts a traditional food section, including teas, pickles and spices, so creating a mouth-watering, authentic curry is that much easier. Roxanne has had two types of tea blended together, presented in a handcrafted tea box, especially for Cinnamon – a great idea for a present as well as a cuppa!

A new range of silver jewellery will soon be available. Bo de la Haye, a designer in Lagos, is creating a modern interpretation of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Although designed in Lagos, the jewellery will be manufactured in India.

This month, Roxanne is travelling back to India, hoping to bring back a range of ayurvedic body lotions. Made from natural ingredients, the lotions give the same relaxing feel as aromatherapy oils – total indulgence for mind and body.

Another project Roxanne is looking forward to is in conjunction with the Hotel Garbe in Armação de Pêra. Cinnamon will be furnishing the hotel’s Raj restaurant to enhance its appeal.

If you fancy a taste of India, then Cinnamon is well worth a visit. The shop is open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm, and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Roxanne can be contacted on 282 763 235.