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Indignation over EN125 road project

Residents and business owners in the Boliqueime to Quatro Estradas area near the EN125 road have expressed their concern over expansion works planned for that part of the road, claiming that it will affect lives and businesses.

At a meeting with around 100 residents, the vice president of Loulé Câmara José Graça and the presidents of Boliqueime, São Sebastião and Quarteira parishes, Rui Mogo, Horácio Piedade, and José Coelho Mendes respectively, passed on the latest information about the work that will be carried out by national road company Estradas de Portugal on that part of the EN125.

Also attending the meeting was the PSD MP Mendes Bota, who called for calm and asked residents to write “a well-structured petition” to Estradas de Portugal with all the complaints they have.

Mendes Bota said that the introduction “by force” of this work, which will extend this part of the EN125 to four lanes plus new sidewalks, bike paths and car parks, in the midst of an urban area, is not acceptable.

“What is the purpose of having sidewalks and other improvements if they will affect the businesses in the area and if the residents will have the road closed?

“Once residents have listed all their complaints, I will request a meeting with Estradas de Portugal with the aim to find the best solution for all parties,” he said.

A spokesman from Estradas de Portugal told the Algarve Resident: “We are still performing topographic studies in that area in order to minimise problems for residents. We are always open to dialogue and will always listen to residents about these specific cases. Changes may occur to the plan if necessary.”

Paulo Silvestre