“Indignant émigrés” claim Novo Banco is keeping them in the dark

Out of the movement of the “indignant” comes MEL, the movement of damaged émigrés, which claims Novo Banco – hours from the deadline for acceptance of its proposals – has failed to inform many of its members of the “solution” on offer to cover catastrophic losses in the good bank/bad bank BES carve-up.

Observador website reports this morning that today (Friday) is the deadline for people who lost their life-savings in commercial paper to accept Novo Banco’s damage-limitation plan.

Time runs out at midnight and, as Lusa reports today, Novo Banco had said in August that already 50% of affected émigrés had signed up for the deal.

Now however, it is staying schtum – saying only that information on how many people accepted the solution will be available sometime next week.

Meantime, Espírito Santo Plaza – the most “emblematic building of the Espírito Santo Group in Miami” and former seat of BES Miami, was sold yesterday (Thursday) for €126 million ($142 million).

The 36-storey office tower was purchased by Dallas real estate company Gaedeke.

According to Real Deal, the local real estate news site, “the proceeds of the sale will go to creditors of Espírito Santo International SA”.

The building was originally in the name of Estoril Inc., which Real Deal explains was part of the bank’s subsidiary Rio Forte Investments SA.

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