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Indian “Guru” coming to Loulé

Formerly known as “Guru Maharaj ji”, Prem Rawat, an Indian teacher of a meditation practice he calls “knowledge” will present a series of conferences in the Municipal Library of Loulé.

Presentations will take place today (Thursday) and then on November 10, 18 and 24, with the theme “Peace is possible – a message of hope”.

Starting at 5pm and 6pm, each session will last approximately 40 minutes.

Prem Rawat, who has been a speaker on the theme of “inner peace” since the age of eight, says: “More than mere words, I offer people a convenient way to feel the joy that is already within them.”

Founded in 2001, the Prem Rawat Foundation is promoted in 88 countries through texts, videos and television, and also carries out humanitarian efforts worldwide. Admission is free.

For more information, please call contact 289 400 811.