India snubs Portugal in extradition pledge, sending billionaire gangster to jail for life

Abu Salem, described by Wikipedia as a “billionaire gangster” who owned as many as 12 passports and killed hundreds of people in a Mumbai bomb blast, was extradited by Portugal to India after years of legal too-ing and fro-ing on the understanding that he would not be put to death.

According to TVI24, the deal also involved assurances that he would not be sent to jail for life.

But that is exactly what a Bombay court did last Wednesday when Salem finally came to trial accused of the murder of businessman Pradeep Jain in 1995.

According to Press Trust of India news agency, Salem is back in high security at India’s Arthur Jail, condemned to life on counts of murder and criminal conspiracy.

Salem is said to be implicated in other crimes, one of which includes being actively involved in the series of Mumbai bomb attacks that killed 257 people in 1993.

According to Lusa, Salem’s lawyer in Portugal Manuel Luís Ferreira has instituted proceedings to try and force the Portuguese state to demand Salem’s return to Portugal, on the basis that India reneged on the extradition deal.

He called the life sentence handed out last week, a “tremendous violation of Portuguese Law”.

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