“Incredible response” sees threatened animal shelter raise money for municipal fine

An ‘incredible three days’ has seen money pouring in from far and wide to help Benafim Dogs, the little shelter served an eviction notice by Loulé Câmara in the Algarve just before New Year.

As a result, the initial seemingly-insurmountable problem of how to pay a bitter council fine has been ‘solved’.

Next step is to fight the eviction.

Animal protectors are putting their heads together to see how they can change the stance of Loulé Câmara, which they guarantee doesn’t offer strays and/ or abandoned animals any comparative level of shelter, care or comfort.

Say campaigners: “We are absolutely delighted to tell you that we have reached our goal and the little money left over will go to help Benafim Dogs with legal fees”.

The total sum raised was €4,839.50. Money that comes into the appeal from today will go towards “the never-ending legal fees” the shelter is incurring by refusing to give up and shut its doors.

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