Incorporating shoulder seasons in villa rental strategies

Like with many sun holiday destinations, July and August really are the peak season here in the Algarve. The sun is at its hottest, the beaches are busy, and all of the restaurants are busy preparing the finest food.

While guest enquiries for these months remain high, more and more guests are travelling at different times of the year. Often referred to as ‘shoulder seasons’, they are definitely rising in popularity.

At SandyBlue, we have always recognised the demand for holidays outside of the usual peak months. Whatever time of year it is, we know people will have a good time and enjoy what the Algarve has to offer in different ways.

Why some guests prefer shoulder seasons
While the summer months are popular due to school holidays, there are plenty of reasons why guests prefer to holiday outside of this period.

From the Easter holidays to half-term getaways, there are plenty of opportunities to visit the Algarve. While the weather won’t reach the heights of July and August, guests can still expect lovely weather. With it being slightly cooler, it’s a great time to experience outdoor adventures.

Your favourite bars and restaurants will still be open, with the added bonus of being slightly quieter. The same goes for the many sandy beaches too. Finally, you will often find great deals on flights during these shoulder seasons.

Villa rental marketing is a year long exercise
While demand for off-peak holidays is growing, more needs to be done to really target this area of the rental market. That is why SandyBlue’s marketing approach is to consider every corner of the calendar!

Without a proactive and reactive approach to travel behaviours, villa owners will not be able to keep up with growing trends.

Getting these messages in front of potential guests is so important. It helps them realise that there is excitement to be found in a holiday at a time that isn’t considered the summer peak. The ‘fear of missing out’ is a real thing and we are seeing many marketing strategies utilise this approach.

In particular, we have seen that email marketing and social media marketing channels are hugely effective in promoting shoulder season holidays. Our own database of over 26,000 guests have been very responsive to campaigns, with Easter enquiries in particular seeing a big increase. As a result, our owner partners have been able to accommodate many new guests throughout the whole year.

Putting your villa on the map all year long
Simply put, shoulder seasons should be on every owner’s list of priorities. It’s a great time for either quick getaways or longer stays, something more guests are considering. Taking all of this into account means your villa will be front and centre all year!

By Joe Mountain

Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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