Bikers stop for ‘bica’ in Salir

Incompetent council official

Dear Editor, A few years ago I bought some land near Silves. I wanted to get permission to build 20m outside the urban line on an 8,000m2 plot.

A builder recommended a local lawyer who is also a council committee member. The lawyer said he was well placed to achieve the result I wanted. After requesting €1,000 out front, there was a long delay before he eventually sent one short letter to the council.

After another long delay, he forwarded a copy of an identical response the council had given me previously.

From the start I had informed him that I had already written and received a drawing showing the limit up to where I could build. When I requested a refund, he kept €500 for writing this useless letter. I complained to the council in writing but never got a reply.

I have been advised by friends that if I get this lawyer/council official into serious trouble, I would be made to regret it. People like this lawyer totally ruin what otherwise is a reasonably easy  to live in country.

R.Grimm, By email