Income frozen by taxman

LISBON LAWYER and one-time Secretary of State for Financial Affairs, Ricardo Sá Fernandes, has had his income frozen by the tax authorities for non-payment of taxes.

All the banks where the well known lawyer has deposits have been informed to freeze his accounts while Sá Fernandes and the tax authorities reach an agreement on clearing the debt.

Sá Fernandes, who served as a minister under António Guterres, has been investigated a total of 13 times. He owes 8,082 euros corresponding to 7,093 euros in unpaid income tax, 1043 euros in interest and 270 euros in costs.

The lawyer was indirectly involved in the Bragaparques car park company scandal involving dubious land exchanges between the Câmara and Bragaparques at the Feira Popular site and Parque Mayer in Lisbon last year.

Ricardo Sá Fernandes also represented the famous Portuguese TV presenter Carlos Cruz in the Casa Pia’s paedophilia scandal.

The lawyer spoke out against the tax charges by saying: “I will not pay a penny because I do not owe anything”.

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