Incinerator to open in Loulé

Loulé-based cement factory Cimpor has been given the green light to build an incinerator to destroy organic refuse, which is due to be operational by May.

A group of activists against the incineration of hazardous industrial waste have said that they are worried about the environmental impact of the incinerator.

Castanheira Barros, spokesman for the group, said: “This is leaving a door open to the incineration of dangerous residues. “Once the authorisation for the construction of an organic waste incinerator is given, it will be easy for Cimpor to advance with the disposal of other products.”

Loulé Câmara President has refuted the claims, saying: “What the Câmara has approved is the construction of a silo for the incineration of organic refuse because of the region’s tree and garden waste.”