Incident at beach

Dear Editor,
Last week I visited Boca do Rio beach, near Burgau, with some friends and our dog, Ben, a 10-year-old collie cross. We know that dogs are allowed on the beach and he still enjoys a swim, even at his age.

As we made our way onto the sand, a large brown shaggy dog of Alsatian size approached us from one of the ‘semi-permanent’ camper vehicles that are regularly seen there. This one was parked overlooking the beach and resembled an ex-furniture removal lorry in an earlier life, and carried a foreign registration mark.

This dog pestered Ben continually with its sexual attentions, causing him to cower, (he can’t run now). He has a heart condition and this was very stressful for him and he was shaking violently with fear.
The offending dog had no collar and was impossible to shake off. His owner was completely unmoved and ignored several requests to control his dog. I tried to chase the dog away but it kept returning time after time, even when we moved further up the beach away from its owner.

I eventually threw a small pebble near the dog to try to shoo it off, and at this point the dog’s owner finally did take notice, picking up a large rock off the ground and stomping over to me threatening ‘to kill me if I did that again’.
We probably should have called the police at this point, but being on holiday decided to pack up as quickly as possible and drive away.

We have never experienced anything like this before and think that it is a terrible shame that a beautiful beach, such as Boca do Rio, is spoilt by this type of person who takes no control of their dog and, frankly, just appear to want to live free of charge and free of any responsibilities.

Mr S Marshall