Vee-Speers exhibition

In The Pink exhibits Vee Speers’ first solo exhibition in Portugal

The Australian artist’s photographic collections will be displayed at the Loulé Gallery for Fine Photo Art from January 27.

Loulé’s In The Pink Gallery for Fine Photo Art presents Australian artist Vee Speers’ first solo exhibition in Portugal. Starting January 27, visitors will be able to view a selection of works offering a comprehensive perspective on the artist’s career and her ability to create exceptional narratives.

In this exhibition, Speers’ photographs tease the public with hidden stories of mysteriously commonplace subjects in an atmosphere where time seems to have stopped.

The constant tension between the past and the future, through the anxious and hopeful look of the characters, takes viewers on an intimate journey into themselves, exploring dreams, memories and expectations in the present time.


In her recent «Phoenix» series, Speers portrays powerful female figures who dwell between the melancholy of their untold stories and the looming possibilities reflected in the brightness of their poses.

This transformative gesture is also present in the «Birthday Party», «Bulletproof», and «Dystopia» trilogy, in which the artist followed the path between childhood and adult life of the characters. A trilogy through which she presents the audience with impressive questions about her own humanity, challenges and desires based on constructed allegories and a deeply informed contemporary point of view.

At the request of London’s V&A Museum, for an exhibition on the impact of fashion on the planet, Speers created «Fashioned from Nature», a series in which works cross the line between reality and fantasy, beauty and ugliness or, ultimately, life and death.

Likewise, the photographs in the «Botanica» series – in black and white and then subtly coloured – examine the notions of still life, fusing classical art with traditional scientific methods in an exquisite act of preservation of flowering plants.


Born in Newcastle, Australia, in 1966, Vee Speers has exhibited at museums, art fairs and festivals in London, Paris, Miami, New York, Atlanta, China, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Norway and Luxembourg.

Currently living and working in Paris, Speers has had her work published in more than 60 international magazines, many of which have been acquired by several international public and private collections.

The Vee Speers Exhibition will be on display at In The Pink Gallery for Fine Photo Art from January 27. It can be visited from Tuesday to Friday, between 11:00 and 19:00, and on Saturdays, between 10:00 and 14:00.