In response to Valerie Fulford’s letter Letter #1

Dear Editor,

I wonder if Valerie Fulford, writing from the UK, is misinformed about the McCann case, one far too complex to discuss properly here.

Sadly, most missing children’s cases worldwide are never solved, although the McCanns are right to ask for a review.

Your writer may be basing her views on UK policing but both the policing and courts here are fundamentally different and have their own problems.

As to the ban on Sr Amaral’s book, to ban it would be because of what it contains, that it was libel, unbalanced, damaging. It always suggests that the judge believes the request (the McCanns in this case,) more than the defence.

Behind the scene of every case of this kind, there are parents, grandparents , families – and in this case, other children in what is one of the most difficult type of cases to investigate, let alone solve.

D.Taylor-Smith, Algarve