In pride of place

news: In pride of place

TWO YEARS ago, when Alex and Kierston Holley moved to the Algarve, their intention was to take it easy and semi-retire. Not for one moment did they think they would embark on a new venture!

Alex has always enjoyed collecting memorabilia and, over the years, has built up a large collection and a network of like-minded friends all over the world, who are always keeping each other updated with their latest acquisitions!

The couple noted that there was nothing like this in the Algarve and, with the Portuguese love of sport and music, and the ex-pat community, they felt there would be a great deal of interest in memorabilia and so opening a shop would be a good idea. This is how Pride of Place was born.

People are now recognising that memorabilia is fast becoming a sound investment, just like a piece of art. Something for you to hang on a wall – in pride of place – and enjoy every time you look at it – whether it is a sporting hero, film idol, favourite music artist, or just something that brings back warm memories and makes you smile.

As Alex and Kierston know where the majority of their hand-signed autographs and memorabilia originated, they confidently offer a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with everything you purchase, with a no-quibble refund if, for any reason, it is found that the signature is not authentic. With their contacts all over the world, given time, they should be able to source almost anything you require. Pictures can be purchased in a sleeve, or mounted and framed.

The couple also believes there will be a lot of interest in revamping some of the bars and clubs in the Algarve. Give them an original theme with exclusive photographs or posters!

Why not visit the shop, have a chat with Alex and Kierston, and take a walk down Memory Lane? You will not be disappointed. Pride of Place can be found in Albufeira, off the world (fountain) roundabout by the bullring, on the road to St. Eulália, opposite Laners Rock Café. Tel 289 548 064, Mob 917 705 380 or 919 992 555, email: [email protected] or visit