In need of investment

An investment programme to improve the infra-structures of security forces is a priority that should be carried out as soon as Portugal has the capacity to do so, according to Internal Administration Minister, Miguel Macedo.

During his speech at the inauguration of a new PSP police station in Corroios, Seixal, Macedo argued that following the country’s entry to the European Union, the sector should have been reinforced, especially as it does not receive community funds.

He believes this would lead to a permanent improvement in order to transform the situation that has been reached in the present day.

“We have around 1,200 PSP and GNR police stations across the country, many of which are seriously degraded,” he said, adding that when the country is able, it should structure a 10 to 12 year investment programme, which he considers a priority.

He argued that better operational conditions are necessary for the authorities, as well as more dignified citizen services.

The Seixal Mayor, Alfredo Monteiro, expressed his approval regarding the new police station in the municipality, but reminded that there are still matters that need improvement.

The new station will include a public service counter, a support office for crime victims, a training room, a commissioner’s office, rest rooms, prison cells and will accommodate around 60 policemen