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In defenCe of Ryanair

Dear Editor,

I take issue with the letter by Paul Harrison of in the May 18 edition of the Algarve Resident, regarding the service on board Ryanair.

I do find the jokes funny, like when they said they were going to start charging people to use the toilets (no doubt just a clever publicity stunt) and the joke circulated that it was great value for money as you could spend the whole flight in the loo with extra legroom for just €1!

However, I myself have never found the service provided by Ryanair to be particularly inferior than that of other low cost airlines and the lower fares ensure that I fly with them most of the time. In fact, where would Algarve tourism be today without Ryanair?

I have read in the press that there has been a huge increase in tourism figure last year from Sweden for instance, one of the numerous European cities added to Faro’s routes that has helped battle the dropping numbers from other countries like Germany.

I believe that Ryanair should be congratulated for changing the way we think about flying and opening up Europe for business and leisure travellers who may well have had to otherwise stay on the ground in these tough times. I am also happy to see them reaping great rewards as one of the world’s most profitable airlines.

Those who wish to pay and travel in a more civilized environment are free to use British Airways, TAP or any of the other traditional full service airlines who still fly out of Faro. But for me, saving money is far more important.

Dan Mcphearson