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In cod we trust

Daily life is deadly for tot Imogen Elliott whose body rejects most foods, forcing her to live on a daily diet of gluten free fish fingers to keep her alive.

Her condition means she could get an allergic reaction from a massive list of triggers – even sunlight.

Grass, pollen, animal fur, polyester, plastic, cosmetics and chemicals are threats and almost every food is off the menu.

Coming into contact with any of these causes violent sickness, her skin erupting in red, swollen sores and severe itching pains.

Doctors believe an underlying condition is causing her multiple life-threatening allergies – but have yet to diagnose it.

Last year the 20-month-old suffered an anaphylactic shock after eating a bit of tuna causing her throat to swell and close up cutting off oxygen.

Medics said luckily Imogen survived thanks to quick-thinking mum Kirsty who immediately rushed her to hospital.

She said: “We’d never had a problem with tuna before. It was a really scary day. I could have lost her. I always keep fish fingers in the freezer. She loves them.”