In brief

What a night

Locals from across the region gathered to attend the recent Mega International Folklore festival, which took part in Lavradio. The event kicked off with a parade on the Avenida J.J. Fernandes, from the local school to the old market. Live music was performed by the Rancho Folclórico do Lavradio, the Rancho Folclórico and Danças e Cantares of Barreiro, bands from Calvário, St. Estêvão de Chaves, Oleiros, Lobão, Manteigas, Rio Frio, Lagoa da Palha, Venda Seca, Barcelos, Pinhal Novo and Sesimbra. The event was promoted by the Folclórico Regional do Lavradio, Câmara Municipal de Barreiro, Junta de Freguesia de Lavradio, Setúbal Civil Governor, Inatel and Rádio Popular.

Work starts on sports centre

Work on the Lavradio sports centre, in the concelho of Barreiro, is due to start shortly. It has been said that the main focuses of the project are the paving, which is to be re-inforced, the football stand is to be re-painted and a new drainage system. In total over 15,000 euros has been invested in the project, which will also be spent on better sporting equipment, mainly for the Futsal squad (football which is practised in a gymnasium). The Junta of Lavradio sports centre has hosted many sporting events over the past years and recently hosted the ’24 hour Futsal Tournament’, in which 240 athletes played their best ever Futsal game.

Walking in Barreiro

In an unusual move local residents in the Barreiro area recently visited several companies, as part of the ‘Festas do Barreiro’ organised outings. During the outing, local business organisers discussed a range of issues with their visitors, including the financial problems experienced by Portugal’s tourism industry. The group also visited several public services in the Barreiro area, including local libraries and youth institutes. Their next outing will take place on September 26, when they will visit the Arrábida Convent. The cost is four euros per person or three euros for retired people. To take part call 21 214 8760.