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Improvements underway

REFURBISHMENT WORK is underway in Praia da Rocha to give the area a more organised, cleaner and generally more modern appearance.

Now in its second phase, work under the revamp project is going ahead in the area between the Hotel Júpiter and Miradouro in Avenida Tomás Cabreira.

According to Portimão Câmara, the work includes the redefining of traffic routes and car parking spaces, increasing the size of pavements for pedestrians by eliminating some architectural features and laying Portuguese calçada (paving made up of small stones). Bus stops will be relocated and the câmara plans to install new benches and waste bins, create play and leisure areas and install new public toilets.

As part of the refurbishment, a new tourism information office will be built in the Madeirão zone. The work is costing Portimão Câmara around one million euros and is scheduled to be complete by May 31.

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