Improve your vision with Visão Plus

AS WE get older, many of us start to see a steady decline in our eyesight. It is something that we shouldn’t forget about and assume that it will get better because it won’t.

The only way to improve matters, other than to have expensive laser treatment, is to go to a fully qualified optometrist and get our eyes tested.

Wearing glasses or contact lenses is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, in this day and age, glasses have become something of a fashion statement. Not only this, but the right pair can look very sexy, intellectual or whatever ‘look’ you want to go for!

Qualified doctors

Visão Plus in Quarteira, run by optometrist Juan El Khoury, suggests that we should all have our eyes tested once a year, as a matter of routine. Other than new methods of testing, diagnostics using the latest technology, Visão Plus invites you to discover the more recent ways of improving our eyesight problems.

Dedicated to health, Visão Plus collaborates with some of the best national and international ophthalmologic clinics, and in cases of emergency, will cooperate with qualified doctors, in Portugal or abroad.

Rest assured that Visão Plus has it all covered, from exams, equipment and fashion… you can rely on them.

Contact Visão Plus on 289 301 786.