Implant concerns

Dear Editor
I just wondered if any dental professional reading or advertising in your paper could explain something to me, or whether anyone of your readers with a tooth implant has any information to offer? All of us unfortunate enough to lose a tooth (or even teeth) these days are being exhorted to invest in expensive dental implants. The days of taking our teeth out at night are over, we’re told, but having to decide now whether to go for an implant or something much cheaper, I discovered a site the other day that claims implants can cause a nasty inflammatory disease that actually causes teeth to fall out!
According to the site, the “scary scenario hangs like the sword of Damocles over more than 500,000 dental implant patients in the UK alone”. Peri-implantitis, as the disease is called, “is characterised by bacterial infection of the gums and the gradual loss of jaw bone”. Dentists are apparently “in the dark as to how to treat it!” The whole issue worries me, and I don’t know which way to go. I have of course tried discussing this with my dentist, who thinks I should ignore the information and go through the whole implant rigmarole. I am not so sure.
Can anyone give me any advice? Thankfully, yours,
J. Stansfield