Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (Oscar Wilde)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is another way of saying that copying is a compliment. There is some truth to Oscar Wilde’s statement.

Brands frequently find their competitors piggybacking off their success by copying elements of packaging, labelling, and branding – all in an effort to create the ‘impression’ that the customer is buying from the company they have ‘imitated’.

Some years ago, a shop set up a copy business using a name that was very similar to ours. Their marketing stated “now open in Luz”, inferring that it was a new store associated with our business. They lasted 18 months.

One of the greatest investments for a business is establishing the name and painstakingly building a trusted reputation with clients and staff. When another company changed their name in an effort to confuse with, even my insurance company was hoodwinked into believing we had opened a new store. No, not us – an imitation that charges on average 38% more than

What about false claims? On a billboard, you proclaim “The first quality towel & linen store in the Algarve”, but is it true? Generally, it’s not. There are no awards or statistics to back it up, just the company wanting the public to believe it is.

It’s a problem for many businesses, but, of course, the new ‘copy company’ will never be able to imitate the work ethic, procedures, staff treatment, quality of goods, volume of stocks, vision, values and depth of knowledge of the original company, which is why they tend to fail in the long run.

At, we are committed to being legal, fair, knowledgeable and honest. We focus on offering outstanding value and service to our internal and external clients. This year we have absorbed manufacturer’s price increases massively and we have still managed to increase salaries, actions important to’s visions and values.

In terms of innovations, we have a new in-house linen labelling service and have introduced a new range of 400-thread cotton, made in Portugal, of course. Next year we have some serious innovations taking place too. Watch this space.

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