IMF back in Lisbon as Eurogroup due to discuss Greece … and Portugal

With IMF ‘suits’ back in Lisbon on a “regular evaluation of member states”, the finance ministers of the Eurogroup are due to reconvene in Brussels on Monday with both Greece and Portugal on the agenda.

As TVI24 reports, after an intense February that saw multiple meetings due to the policies of the new Greek government, the Eurogroup’s way forwards now is looking less complicated. “Or is it,” the station poses the question – pointing out that Greece’s progress is still an unknown quantity.

As for Portugal, the Eurogroup is to embark on the next step in “reinforced vigilance” ordered by the European Commission last month due to the country’s “excessive macroeconomic imbalances” (see:

Meantime, according to TVI24 the troika is soon due back in Portugal, to oversee how Portugal is faring on the Yellow Brick Road to adjustment.

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