“Illegal use of children” cited over TV ads by Skip and Mercedes

The Portuguese consumer rights association (apDC) has filed complaints with the Public Ministry and consumers board over what it dubs the illegal and immoral use of children in television advertising. At issue are two commercials by Skip and Mercedes, one featuring a baby eating and getting dirty, the other a child driving a futuristic car. ApDC’s point is that neither of the products advertised have any direct relationship with children and are therefore illegal and immoral.

The law stipulates that “minors can only be principal performers in advertising when there is a direct relationship between them and the product or service being advertised, as in the case of nappies, toys or games, for example”, explains apDC president Mário Frota, adding: “It is shameful how brands abuse children to impart messages that have nothing to do with them.”

He added that it was a way of transferring emotions, in this case of care or even love, to products.