Illegal immigrants detained

Albufeira GNR has detained eight illegal immigrants, six Ukrainians and two Brazilians, following various incidents in the city.

One of the Ukrainians was detained after he attacked members of a GNR patrol who were trying to prevent a street brawl involving eight Eastern European immigrants.Police detained another Ukrainian who had robbed a sports shop in the centre of Albufeira. The other four Ukrainians were detained after checks by the security forces. Three of these (a teacher, a carpenter and a stonemason) were working in the Algarve’s civil construction sector and were aged between 24 and 45. The stonemason later appeared before Albufeira Court and was officially expelled from the country. As for two Brazilians immigrants, the first was detained after a routine inspection and the second after an accident.

Albufeira GNR officers also detained a Portuguese man driving without a licence who became involved in a car crash that resulted in a serious accident in Olhos d’Agua.