Ill-formed writer

Dear Editor,

Another interesting and ill-informed letter by the archaic Mr Cockroft (Algarve Resident, September 11).

Yes, it was agreed that the common language of the EU would be English. However, they were not referring to English being spoken by everyone in the EU only that English would be the common language at the EU i.e. at Brussels, Strasbourg etc.

Let’s be real, would the French or Germans (or any other EU country for that matter but probably those in particular) ever agree to give up their languages? Of course not. Neither would the English. For goodness sake, they can’t even agree on the Lisbon treaty…..!!

To use his own ‘club’ analogy, you are here in Club Portugal – abide by the Club Portugal rules or leave the club.


I do wonder, however, where would you be happy to live? Why not go there? We will not miss you.


Allan Hogsden, (Tavira – and very happy to be here!)