António Pedro Santos/ Lusa

IL applauds steps towards freedom, but lambasts government over failure to drop mask-wearing

Father-of-four and leader of Iniciativa Liberal João Cotrim de Figueiredo has reacted strongly to what he sees as a “serious failing” in the government’s move away from Covid restrictions.

Missing today was any relaxation in the need to wear masks in indoor open spaces. This means hundreds of thousands of children and teens are continuing to be hampered by a rule that many believe makes no difference to halting transmission (click here).

In a statement sent to newsdesks this afternoon, Mr Cotrim de Figueiredo stressed “children and young people will continue to see their development very compromised when it comes to acquisition of language, communication, expression and social interaction.

“It is urgent to move forwards in recovering learning; recovering from the damages the pandemic has caused on the development of children and young people”, for this reason the insistence of maintaining mask wearing in indoor contexts where they are already in place “is a serious failing by the government”.

Indeed, the IL leader went further: politicians show themselves daily to be in closed indoor spaces without wearing masks themselves. They are being hypocrites, while “continuing to impose political power on children and young people in a country with high rates of vaccination” in which the virus is “transitioning to becoming endemic”.

IL became the 4th most voted political party in the recent elections. Its stand may well be supported by other parties in the coming days.

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