IKEA worker dies at Loulé construction site

A 37-year-old Loulé woman employed by a company working on the IKEA site was killed this morning in what has been described as a work accident.

According to CMTV, the woman was crushed by falling pallets. This was the second work-related fatality to take place at the site, now just days from completion.

The accident happened shortly after midday, though details are still being kept to a minimum.

Coincidentally, the first fatality at the site – last September – also involved a worker (a man from the north, says CMTV) being crushed (click here).

INEM, GNR and firemen are still on the ground, as are representatives of IKEA who say a complete statement will be released as soon as they have more information.

An initial statement confirms that the woman worked for a company employed by one of the contracting companies working on the site, which is due to open next Thursday.

The IKEA statement said it “lamented” the tragedy, which took place at the site’s outdoor unloading area.

Updates to follow.

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