IKEA store plus two shopping centres

Dear Editor,
I have to agree with ACRAL on their latest statement about the IKEA project.

I don’t think anyone really has any problems with IKEA opening a store in the Algarve or in Loulé – what many are worried about are the other two shopping centres that are planned.

Forum Algarve and Algarve Shopping are located only a few kilometres away from the site where IKEA wants to build, which means that there could soon be four malls competing against each other in a relatively small area (five if we want to include Portimão’s Aqua in the equation).

I don’t know if I would call the IKEA project “megalomaniac”, but it is certainly disproportionate considering the Algarve’s population and its current offer.

I do, however, understand IKEA’s position.

It would be no surprise to me if the IKEA store and the two nearby shopping centres become a raging success. Indeed, as you pointed out, many can’t wait for the outlet to open.

Chris Kennedy
By email