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IKEA sign store and retail park contract with Loulé Câmara


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IKEA and the Municipality of Loulé signed a cooperation agreement on December 2 for an IKEA store, a shopping centre and a retail park to be built at Caliços, near the junction of Loulé-Sul and the Via do Infante, A22.

According to IKEA Portugal and Inter IKEA Centre Portugal, who develop, own and manage shopping centres in partnership with IKEA, this project will see an investment of €200 million and will create 3,000 jobs in the region.

It is expected to open in 2015.

A spokesman from IKEA told the Algarve Resident: “This will be a positive investment for social and economic development for the Algarve. The opening of an IKEA store as well as a shopping centre and retail park built in the same shopping area will be a unique project for the Algarve, with high importance for the Municipality of Loulé and the region.”

Kristina Johansson, Country Manager IKEA Portugal, said: “The signing of this agreement marks a very important step for the fulfilment of the plan for expansion of IKEA in Portugal.

“IKEA’s commitment is to create opportunities for economic and social growth in the places where we open our stores.”

The first IKEA store in Portugal open in Alfragide, in the Lisbon area, on June 2004, and was followed by the opening of Matosinhos store in the north of Portugal on July 2007.

The newest IKEA store opened in Loures in May. In total, these three stores employ 1,500 people.