IKEA recalls faulty children’s beds

A total of 40,000 faulty children’s beds have been recalled worldwide, including in Portugal, by Swedish furniture retailer IKEA over concerns that they can break and cause injuries.

In a statement posted on IKEA’s website on August 15, the group was recalling for repair “a number of Kritter (pictured) and Sniglar junior beds due to laceration hazard”.

The company alerted customers who purchased these models to “immediately check the date stamp on the label attached to either the headboard or the underside of the bed” as seven reports of breakage of the metal rod connecting the guardrail to the bed frame had been made.

“A broken rod could expose sharp metal edges, presenting a laceration hazard. No reports of any injuries caused by breakage of the metal rod have been reported,” said IKEA.

Only Kritter junior beds with date stamp (YYWW) from 1114 to 1322 and Sniglar junior beds with date stamp from 1114 to 1318 are affected.

Customers with an affected product are asked to visit their local IKEA store to receive “a repair kit free of charge or alternatively an exchange or refund”.