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If you like pies you’ll love Borley’s

BORLEY’S PIES has been operating in the Algarve since the 1960s. In September, the company expanded with the opening of a factory in Aljezur, which aims to preserve the Borley reputation while expanding the distribution extensively throughout Portugal.

A team of 10  now produce thousands of pies each week at the factory and distribute them fresh all over the Algarve.

Currently you can find Borley’s Pies at outlets, such as Food Fayre in Messines and MJ’s in Albufeira, as well as shops in Lisbon, but it won’t be long before Borley’s Pies will be found in the aisles of the Algarve’s major supermarket chains.

There are 18 products in the range, catering to Portuguese and English tastes.

The management team of Derek Barry and Paulo Gomes are set on preserving the traditional product, which was initially brought to the Algarve by Mr. Borley, who has now retired in the UK.

The pies are made of the freshest meat from local traders, never using frozen meat, ensuring that there are no e numbers and no monosodium glutamate in the food.

All the preparation methods for the products are detailed and all the spices and secret ingredients are imported from the UK to give Borley’s their own distinct taste.

The new factory has taken nearly three years come to fruition. It is registered to EC standards and Borley’s Pies boasts being the only company in the Algarve that have the official stamp of approval to produce English food.

Borley’s also cater to vegetarians producing vegetable pasties, cheese and onion pies and potato and onion pies. They also have a popular range of quiches including bacon, asparagus and spinach.

For more information contact [email protected] or call Paulo on 969 785 024 or Derek on 914 556 538.