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IECA fundraising

Fundraising events organised by the International Evangelical Church of the Algarve (IECA) have raised hundreds of Euros for orphaned children in Lesotho.

On March 18, more than 60 people took part in a sponsored walk to Rosário Island in Silves.

Participants were asked to make a small donation to take part in the walk, which resulted in more than €300 being raised which will now be used to help fund the work of Jill Kinsey in Lesotho who helps orphaned children with AIDS or who are HIV positive.

And around 70 people took part in the annual quiz night organised by the IECA on March 16, with a further €138 being raised to support the work of Jill Kinsey.

For further information about the IECA, please visit www.iec-algarve.com