IdealHomes TV property series heads back to Spain for more exclusive discounts!


This Friday, 1st March, at 5pm London/Lisbon | 12pm EST, on Ideal Homes TV Angela Worrall, CEO, and Ben Salfarlie, Spanish Real Estate Consultant, are joined by IMONT Legal Services who are able to provide invaluable information on Spain’s buying process and more.

They’ll also be joined by one of the representatives of the stunning golf resort so you’ll be able to hear all about the brand new properties available from as little as 104,900€.

Staying in trend with previous episodes, episode 5 will also have its own exclusive discounts available to you so make sure to sign up for FREE by clicking here – simply fill in your details and you’ll receive an email with the link to watch exclusively this Friday.

And, if you’re wanting more information, Ideal Homes International will be hosting a Live Q+A directly after episode 5, at 6pm London/Lisbon | 1pm EST.

Here you can ask questions about buying property in Spain and have all your questions answered by the experts. It’s a FREE to join Live Q+A, simply click on this link, fill in your details and they’ll send the details to join!

For all the information or to see what properties are available with special offers, contact the team today. Send them an email on [email protected], give them a call on +351 289 513 4343, send a Whatsapp on +51 915 744 282 or head on over to their website –