Iconic coastal path in Albufeira undergoes revamp

Passeio Marginal de Albufeira, a small coastal path described by the local council as one of the town’s most iconic tourist attractions, is undergoing renovation works.

The path can be accessed at the popular Praia do Peneco beach and has a special place in the hearts of local citizens and holidaymakers.

The works that have already been carried out involved placing cement along the path to make it easier to walk on and fill in the potholes that had started forming.

Also planned is a new set of stairs on a stretch of the path where there is a slight slope. Casa da Água, a well-known landmark, is also due to be revamped.

Albufeira Mayor José Carlos Rolo says that the project, costing over €16,300, is important to breathe new life into an important tourist attraction but also a place where many local citizens have created memories and stories.

Local councillor Rogério Neto added that the goal was to renovate the path so that it can “once again become part of the lives of locals and the tourists who visit us”.

According to a book by Ana Paula Azinheira about Albufeira’s history between 1910 and 1960, the project to build the path was created by well-known local artist Samora Barros. The first phase of construction started in 1936 shortly after the tunnel that accessed the beach was built, with the remaining works being carried out in 1940.

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